Bo-wie Didn’t

Did you intentionally mean to embarrass and make contributor Cee Cee Hill (David Bowie-Blackstar review) look like an ass who is writing about a musician she obviously knows nothing about?! She wrote that Bowie is best known for his cover of the Nirvana song “The Man Who Sold the World.” Ummmm no. Bowie released the song in 1970 and I am sure Kurt was still in diapers then. By the way, he is more known as the Goblin King than he was known for that song. Any Bowie fan could tell you he is best known for his Ziggy Stardust days. Savage Henry, please do a better job proofreading and editing your contributors reviews before making them look like one of those silly adult Millennials.
Amanda Keen

Thanks for catching that Amanda. Cee Cee has been fired and we’ve cut off all her funds her daycare for her 7 children. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and it will NEVER happen again.
— Ed

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