Bob Dylan – Christmas in the Heart

The most incredible comedic holiday album of all time is without a doubt Bob Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart. Unfortunately, I don’t think Dylan’s intention was for this to be funny, but it is so bizarre and unlistenable, you’ll quickly find yourself laughing in a maniacal manner.

Christmas in the Heart is a collection of overly-orchestrated cheese-dick holiday classics sung by a guy who sounds like he’s guzzled a bottle of Wild Turkey and chain smoked two packs of Marlboros. The only reasonable explanation of this turd is Dylan’s status as an “Advanced” artist. The Advanced Genius Theory “is a cultural condition in which an Advanced individual creates a piece of art that 99 percent of the population perceives to be bad. However, it is not because the work is flawed, it is because most consumers are not Advanced.” It’s basically a method of understanding and appreciating the least celebrated works by some of the most celebrated artists in pop culture.

Go ahead, try to understand what the hell Dylan is doing here, just don’t be surprised if you don’t get it. The man is Advanced, and you most likely are not.

4 out of 12 cans of PBR

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