Body Count – Manslaughter (Album of the Month)

The heavy metal band fronted by Ice “motherfuckin” T is back on the rock scene and in a big “motherfuckin” way.


The lead off track, “Talk Shit, Get Shot” is as catchy as it is heavy, with
Ice yelling about a “motherfucker (who) hadn’t got shot in a while,”
for acting “hard motherfucker.” From there we learn to “Pray For Death”
as Ice tortures us in a grisly fashion. There’s a rehash of the old “99
Problems” track from the past (Jay-Z stole the line from Ice-T’s 1993 Home Invasion LP),
and we are warned to go “Back To Rehab” and to “Get A Job.” Metal dude
Jamey Jasta (not a very metal dude name) makes an appearance on the
mainstream media ripping track “Pop Bubble” (not a very metal song
name), and the cover of the Suicidal Tendencies classic
“Institutionalized.” This track isn’t the pathetic joke that you might
think it would be. Ice makes up his own hilarious stories about trying
to play X-Box in peace and vegans harassing him during his lunch break
at work, which fill in the gaps between the familiar Mike Muir
complaints. Other tracks include “Enter The Dark Side,” “Bitch In The
Pit,” “Black Voodoo Sex” “Wanna Be a Gangsta” (making fun of dumb
suburban kids who think gangs are cool), “I Will Always Love You” (which
is not about bitches, but American vets of war), and an unlisted “rock
version” of “99 Problems” to finish things off.

This album, Body Count’s fifth in about 25 years, is the most serious (and
by far the best produced) they have ever released. The humor that Ice-T
has brought to the table on earlier records is still present, but it
works to lighten up the mood at certain moments of the record. This,
coupled with the Slayer double kick drums and Slayer/Sabbath riffing
guitars, deep heavy bass and usually very pissed off vocals prove that
in 2015 Body Count is still in the house. Motherfucker.

Rating: 12 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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