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Daryl Gregory, Tor

In the future, when any drug recipe can be downloaded and printed, a small startup company invents the recipe for the God drug, Numinous: a chemical that rewires your brain to accept that there is a God and that he loves you. In the wrong hands this drug can be very, very bad.

Afterparty is a future romp with angels, a cowboy, and some fun lesbian stuff. The main character, Lyda, a chemist who co-authored the drug, is a little unlikable and not incredibly identifiable. The most compelling character is her pet angel, Dr. Gloria, who doesn’t exist, but follows Lyda around after an overdose on Numinous years before.

I read two other books and listened to maybe 3 audiobooks while I read this book, so that ought to tell you something about how compelling it was. It’s about one eighth as compelling as the show Hoarders, which has absolutely nothing to do with this book, but I have plenty of opinions on that and I’ve got to fill this page with something, so here goes:

There is probably nothing worse than a hoarder’s bathroom. Once their water gets shut off their brains, which obviously don’t work, tell them to do things like shit in diapers and pile them up in the bathroom, or to keep going in the toilet until there is a shit mountain that prevents the lid from closing. My personal favorite is the gal that shit in a bucket then scooped the bucket out into a smaller bucket and threw it out of her door. It’s mind blowing. You watch an episode like that and think that it is the worst possible case of human filth imaginable, but then there is another episode that tops it. And is it right to watch this Squalor Porn when these people obviously need mental help? I don’t know. Ok, I do know. No. It’s not right to use it for entertainment, but goddamn, it is addicting and I do it even though I know it’s wrong. Like a drug. It’s my drug.

2/5 stars for Afterparty

5/5 Stars for Hoarders

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