Book Review: Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

This monster book about a tennis academy sounds like a real snorejob but it is probably my favorite book of all time, and I have books tattooed on my body. This thing is so loaded with insight that it bottoms out over speedbumps. If I describe the plot, it sounds like a shit show, but that’s because I’m a billionth of the writer that David Foster Wallace is. I will attempt to do it anyway.

The functionally dysfunctional Incandenza family is at the center of this tale which takes place before, during and after their patriarch’s head explodes in an altered microwave. The country has been cleaned of toxins which were deposited in Maine and then Maine was given as a gift to Canada, which, understandably, had some impact on US-Canada relations. There is a halfway house, a film that is so entertaining that the viewers starve to death rather than pull their attention away, a very scary gang of wheelchair terrorists, a lot of tennis and a ghost. See! Shit show. But wow. The New York Times called it “A masterpiece that’s also a monster” and the acclaimed Magazine, Savage Henry, called it “A, like, really, really, super good book, man.”

You can’t help but stop every few pages and consider the brain of the man who spun this tale. Intelligence to the point of disability. He committed suicide after battling with depression Big Brains are sometimes a white elephant. At least he left behind this incredible rectangle full of words.



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