Book Review: Katja from the Punk Band

Katja from the Punk Band by Simon Logan, ChiZine Publications

Sarah Godlin, staff

If I have to get through a book I have no interest in I’m going to make someone else read it to me. Listen up all you long haul truckers and summer weed waterers; is the fucking shit. For 12 bucks a month you can download a 48 hour book, any book, read by someone who knows what they are doing. Before you know it, You’ve watered the whole garden.

You can also download this shitville 8 hour book that could only keep the interest of maybe 3 people I’ve ever met.

It’s set on a dystopian work island that just seems like any city ever. A punk girl steals a vial of drugs and gets chased. A druggie also wants the vial. Bad guys want the vial. Everyone wants the stupid vial and it switches hands a few times. Some people get shot.

There is a suspension scene where the bad guy hangs from the ceiling by piercings in his back, though it was while conducting a business meeting and seemed a little gratuitous.

Everyone has a Russian name but the book was read by an Australian woman with a grating nasally voice. I almost crashed the car to get away from it twice.

I’m going to give this book a big ole “Meh” and rethink visiting Australia.


I give this book 4 guys in mohawk wigs. However you feel about them is about what I thought of this book.



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