Book Review: We are Legion, (We are Bob)

We are Legion, (We are Bob)
Dennis E. Taylor

After reading a painful historical fiction based off the life of Wyatt Earp’s wife (painful because it sucked and I finished it anyway), I thought I’d get back into my personal favorite genre, SciFi/Fantasy.

This book is short and sweet. It has everything a historical romantic Western doesn’t: Cryogenics, space travel, self replicating probes. My book club would hate it and THAT is why I know it’s a good read.

Bob just sold his software company for fat stacks of cash and he decides to blow part of it on having his head frozen when he dies for re-animation in the future. See? It’s already good. Bob gets hit by a car right away and wakes up 100 years later where they haven’t exactly reattached his head to a new body, as promised. What they have done is scanned his brain and put him inside of a powerful robot body for training in a space race to be the spaceship (YEAH! THE SPACESHIP) to get to other planets first to claim them for the new, non-secular government.

This book is like a nice action movie. It’s not going to make you a better person, unless being really entertained for a while makes you a better person.

5/5 Von Neumann Probes

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