Book Review – The Magicians by Lev Grossman

Describing this book makes you sound like an idiot. No matter how you do it this is what the receiving ears hear:

Harry Potter with sex.

But it is far from the cutesy Potteresque fantasy style. There’s a magic school, yes, but It’s dark and realistic and things don’t always work out. No one is super good-looking and almost everyone is depressed.

Why they group Sci-Fi with Fantasy at the bookstore is beyond me. If I were rich and bored I might make separating them “my cause” and do more than make huffy sounds in bookstores when I’m wading through unicorn shit to get to space shit. They are NOT the same. One is stuff that will never happen, ie takes place in a world where facts are different (there is magic, there are pegassi), or on another world altogether — think Middle Earth, and the other is shit that might happen later or when technology is advanced enough. Latter over former. Times 100.

I usually don’t delve into fantasy, but for this book I did, and was surprised. It’s involved enough to keep the brain busy and it’s unpredictable. That is the real grail for readers.

There is a horrible SyFy show that covers the basics of the first book but neglects key elements and makes everyone hot. 

4/5 stars for the book, not the show.

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