Bop It! Gone Bad

Zeke Herrera, contributor

This weekend my Bop It! was struck by lightning and went haywire. Lucky for you guys a court stenographer was readily available. Here’s what transpired:

BI: Bop It!
*Lightning Strike*
BI: I said bop, not lightning!
ZH: Did you just become sentient?

BI: Yeah, I think so.
ZH: The fact that you can think so kind of answers the question.

BI: You don’t have to be condescending.
ZH: True, but I do want to. Besides you were essentially garbage a few second ago; don’t get high and mighty too fast.

BI: Sorry, still kind of adjusting to this freethought concept.
ZH: No need to apologize. In fact this seems to be happening to me on a regular basis now.

BI: Maybe you should reevaluate your life.
ZH: Says the obsolete toy.

BI: You’re the one still playing with me.
ZH: Touche.

BI: I don’t have French programmed.
ZH: It means “Suck It!”

BI: You know that actually used to be one of the challenges? But it didn’t come up ’til level 15 or some shit.
ZH: Really? What part was it suppose to use? The little squiggly thing?

BI: It’s NOT little, but yes.
ZH: Let me try, if it’s not too weird for you.

BI: Not in front of the stenographer, they have a sacred duty to uphold.
ZH: You said “dooty”!

BI: I totally did! Now about that thing we were talking about.
ZH: Well I didn’t realize it was a sex thing for you when you first brought it up.

BI: It’s only weird if you make it weird.
ZH: I just don’t think I’m ready! Okay?

BI: You don’t need to snap at me. I’m just trying to talk here.
ZH: Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry, and who knows, I might be into it too.

BI: Well, I guess we’ll find out when you’re ready.
ZH: I think I am. *moves in closer*

ZH: Shut up! No I wasn’t!

BI: Oh my god! You totally were!
ZH: Nuh uh! and how do you have a deity system already?

BI: All Hasbro toys are built Catholic.
ZH: Well that explains the Suck It! part.

BI: I guess it does. Ha!

*Walk away laughing into the sunset*


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