Bud Time

Matt Redbeard and Evan Vest, contributors

Triangle OG is an incredibly potent, super smooth, earthy bud that will send your brain into a whirlwind of pure relaxation with a full spectrum of creative thoughts.

Redbeard – Ever had that dream where you’re standing in a crowd and everything is so blissful that you pinch yourself to see if it’s real only to realize that not only are you awake, but you’re also holding up the line in the Nevada City Safeway trying to buy a Rockstar and a bucket of pepperoni and now you’re just pinching yourself? It’s like that.

Evan – A triangle is known to have three points, and here are three I would like to make about this strain:
1. I got so high that I now fully believe in the Illuminati and wish to become a member.
2. Pyramids had to have been made by aliens, right? WAY too much evidence to say otherwise.
3. This strain tasted great and absolutely annihilated me. One of those “better not have much to do before you smoke” strains.
Highly recommended, get some while you can.

Rating: 10 Pizza Slices

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