Bud Time – Sprig THC-infused Soda

Matt Redbeard and Evan Vest, contributors

Redbeard: I fuck with soda. It’s like easily the best invention because it’s rad and water is fucking gross. Sprig not only doesn’t taste like weed, it’s fucking super potent. Like I felt the fear after like two of them. Or maybe it was four, shit’s so good. Next time I get my hand on one imma straight up shotgun the shit and get weird-ass weed burps. Feel the burn bb, don’t fuck with water.


1000, Two-Hundred degree Shasta Lime and Lime sodas.

Evan: I’ve been getting high on soda for years, but never has a soda gotten me quite lifted like Sprig. A pleasant drink that tastes a bit like tea, it’s a soda that’s bound to put some Sprig in your step.


10 out of 10 empty Sprig cans

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