Bud Time – Strain: Hot Berry – Grower: Sunrise Mountain Farms

Matt Redbeard and Evan Vest, contributors






Strain: Hot Berry

Grower: Sunrise Mountain Farms


Redbeard: It’s a total mindfuck. You get caught up in this very flavorful bouquet of berries and like, pepper and cheesecake, then you realize that you’re levitating and your third eye is way wide open and hella bloodshot. I’ve never gotten higher off of a doob in my life.

Rating: 420,000 Gummy Bears bouncing here and there and everywhere


Evan: In my lifetime, I have known plenty of hot Berries and even hotter Barrys. My personal favorite hot Barry is 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. But my favorite Hot Berry comes straight from Sunrise Mountain farms. An incredibly stoney blend that had some definite terp boost that made the rest of the day real dreamy. The whole experience could be described as hot, hot like fire.
Rating: 69 Sweet Barry White Melodies

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