Bud Time

Matt Redbeard and Evan Vest, contributors

Cherry OG is a perfect hybrid cross. The combination of Afghani, Cherry Thai and the that beautiful Lost Coast OG is something to behold. This strain brought to you by Humboldt Organic Gardens.

Redbeard: Cherry OG is like a skunky chocolate covered cherry that gets you hella faded. The smell is loud as fuck and the actual effect gives you the perfect 50/50 sativa/indica high that makes you realize why organic ganj is the dopest. Everything that Humboldt Organic Gardens grows always packs a punch, it’s always the most potent.

1 Billion Cherry Bombs


Evan: The Cherry OG from Humboldt Organic Gardens is what’s known in professional industry terms as “Yum-Yum”. Robust ganja flavor with a head buzz that made me social and engaged. I also ate 12 apples and never once touched them with my hands.

5 out of 5 cherries

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