Cannibal Recipes

Dave’s Big and Juicy: Chop up Dave into “Big and Juicy” sizes, flash fry and serve with a side of Tina or even a nice late season Michelle.

Roger: Ground Roger into hamburger, cook by flame broiling the way you want it. Add cheese, mayo, lettuce, onions and tomatoes. Serve on sesame seed bun

Roger Jr.: Just like Roger but more tender, and smaller.

Jimmy Changa: Ground Jimmy with a festive salsa, wrapped in a flour tortilla and deep fried.

Orange Chick-Dan: Nice chunks of Dan stir fried in a wok with vegetables and an Asian-inspired orange glaze. Serve over rice.

Chriscket: A huge roast of Chris, can be served in a roast fashion with potatoes and vegetables or sliced for sandwiches served with Chris-Cut Fries.

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