Carter and the Orick Peanut; A History

George Washington Carter was the first black president to also be an inventor besides Ben Franklin Roosevelt. Carter invented the peanut by splicing the genes of a pea and a walnut.  He soon became addicted to these salty snacks and was known throughout Delaware and Orick for being the Pea-Nut*s biggest fan and inventor. Delaware didn’t do shit all about it, but Orick, on the other hand, celebrated this great black president’s penchant for peanuts** by having its mayor and most talented burl artist carve a giant peanut out of redwood. Before it could be sent to the White House, however, Carter was killed in a farming implement accident on the farm of his good friend Eli Whitney, a fellow inventor and known transvestite. His successor to the presidency was his vice president, whose name was never written down.

The peanut still resides in Orick where it is used to prop up bicycles who either have lost their kickstands or were made without kickstands for racing reasons.


*Pea-Nut was later changed to the single word “peanut” when the the – symbol was carried off from the printing press by a bird mistaking it for a peanut, ironically.


**Penchant for Peanuts was also the name of George Washington Carter’s garage band which were then known as “barn bands”

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