Craigslist: Biggest Bang for Your Buck in Written Entertainment

The greatest local drama is played out in the misspelled posts on Craigslist every day. It’s like watching a soap opera with a bag over your head. You even get to know the heavy posters and their personalities, most of whom are obnoxious, but at least entertaining. The simple blue on white website is universal, comforting, and the biggest source of free …

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Crimes Against a County: Humboldt in the Movies

What’s the one thing, above all else, that people think when they hear the word “Humboldt?” Why, that a handful of subpar movies have been filmed here, of course. It’s a life-altering event when Hollywood graces our humble locale, mainly because visiting cast and crew arrive in gold-plated hovercraft, only doffing their pince-nez and stovepipe hats long enough to sink …

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Madame Specifica’s Monthly Predictions

Aries March 20 – April 20  Your Significant other will suggest that you start a small salsa garden in your grow room. Come up with a fake scientific excuse now so you will be ready. Taurus April 20 – May 21  You spill 11 ounces of flour on the floor of the Co-Op in the bulk isle. Blowing it! You …

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