Are you reading this? Uhh Yeah Dude: Seth and Jonathan’s moms can’t be wrong

“They’re so Raven, his daughters,” Seth Romatelli said of Kobe Bryant’s daughters’ sparkly dresses as he watched the post- game award ceremonies June 17 when the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics to win the 2010 NBA champion- ship. Romatelli is one of two hosts of the pod- cast “Uhh Yeah Dude” In a phone interview with Savage Henry …

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Bands of the Month: Charles Hargis and the Northern Hunger

There was a very vibrant music scene in Humboldt County in the early 2000s. One house in particular, The Janes Road House, is an old farm house near Greenview Market in Arcata that spawned quite a few bands. Zombie Core Allegiance and Relapse just to name two, but there were others. Chuck McCammon was one of those musicians from the …

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Savage Henry Feature: The Sports Brahs

Angie Baker and Becca Glaspy are like a female athletic version of the Smothers Brothers. They play guitar, set each other up for jokes and sing songs about the goodness of butter and taking night runs instead of doing drugs. Their wholesomeness doesn’t come of as annoying. It more reminds you of that chick in high school who organized scavenger …

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