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Here are a few things about a variety of popular celebrities that you just might not have known!

Will.i.am isn’t a good rapper by any stretch of the imagination. He is, however, a GREAT rapper.

Will.i.am’s songs have often undergone major changes after release to stem controversy. Everyone knows that “Let’s Get It Started” was originally called “Let’s Get Retarded,” but there have been other, lesser-known changes as well. To wit: “Where Is the Love?” was first entitled “Where Is that Retard?” and “I Gotta Feeling” was known as “Retards Are Retarded.”

Jennifer Beals loves horses, and owns several Appaloosas.

Will.i.am is not his real name, unsurprisingly. It’s a nickname. His full legal name is William.i.am

Most people think Bruce Willis played John McClane in the Die Hard series of films, but it’s a little- known fact that Will.i.am actually played McClane instead of Willis. Additionally, Will.i.am was sought by George Lucas to play the title role in the Indiana Jones movies, but the actor/rapper was unavailable at the time due to scheduling conflicts.

Teen heartthrobs Jason and Jeremy London aren’t twins — they’re actually triplets. They’re also not teens anymore, and haven’t been for nearly 40 years.

Some people may well ask, “Who has the world record for owning the most hot air balloons?” The answer, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is Will.i.am. The actor/rapper also owns Rhode Island’s smallest sheep ranch and collects snorkels.

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