Celebrity Snacks Unclassified

Celebs are just like us. They wear jean shorts. They pound off. And baby, you better believe they love to snack! But what do they snack ON? That’s the question that has kept philosophers up all night for thousands of years. Famous people are usually rich, so does that mean they all eat caviar and carpaccio di cavallo in between meals and at midnight? Is that what you think? Huh? You stupid idiot.


No, man! I already said THEY’RE JUST LIKE US. And thanks to my shadowy network of cutthroat spies and clandestine agents — some of whom gave their very lives in order to gather this valuable intelligence — I’m about to tell you some Celebrity Snack Secrets:



This comedy powerhouse likes to snuggle up with her dogs and munch on Country Crock butter substitute.



There’s nothing this Oscar winner likes more than jogging down the Santa Monica pier scarfing fistfuls of Country Crock margarine.



If it’s food that you can spread stuff on, you bet that this “material girl” has caked it with delicious Country Crock and gobbled it down.



“What’s that? You don’t have any creamy Country Crock spread here? Then I hope you have insurance, because I’m about to tear this restaurant to pieces with my baseball bat!” the two-sport star has been known to say.


Well, that’s it! All four of the famous celebrities you’ve heard of love the smooth, rich flavor of Country Crock margarine. Wow. Welp, see ya!


Paid for by Country Crock, a Unilever brand

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