Chaz Pasteur – the inventor of the “Who farted?” t-shirt & other forgotten inventors

Throughout the annals of science history is littered with great inventors. Brave men and women, who changed the face of the world. However, history is written by the winners. What about the siblings of those great minds? What is there place in history? For the first time the sibling inventors will finally get their rightful place in history.

Steven DaVinci
Brother of renaissance man Leonardo DaVinci. Steven invented the art of drawing penises on sleeping party guests.

Vincenzo Galilei
Younger brother of famous astronomer Galileo Galilei. Vincenzo was the first Italian to grab his crotch and say “I got your job right here”. He was later executed for such gesture.

Jessica Curie
Sister of renowned chemist Marie Curie. Jessica invented a more sexually invasive form of gynecology it was later renamed fisting and is still pretty gross.

Raymond Washington Carver
Brother of the great peanut enthusiast and inventor George Washington Carver. Raymond the first comedian to do the “classic white guy” impression. He was also co-creator of “women be shoppin”.

Maria Kwolek
Sister of Stephanie Kwolek the women who invented Kevlar. Maria is famous for inventing the technique of farting at a party and blaming it on a girl prettier than you.

Jay “the jay man” Edison
Brother of Thomas Edison. Jay is the creator of the scotch pie or the “party pie”. Which is a pie crust filled with whiskey and topped with opium. He is also credited with wearing the first tuxedo T-shirt.

Vladimir “big vlad” Tesla
The brother of electrical pioneer Nikola Tesla. Vladimir invented the much safer alternating current vodka pie or “super party pie”. He is also credited with the use of the word bro in social situations.

Hank Ford
Brother of automotive genius Henry Ford. Hank invented many of the anti-Semitic slurs used by hate groups to this day. Oh damn, is Hank is short for henry? Henry Ford is really anti-Semitic damn.

Randy Jobs
Brother of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Randy invented the mp3 player the they are all the Goddamn same, Jesus, stop buying this shit. But you won’t because you’re sad inside… phone. It is really big in Germany.




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