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Encino Man
Dir: Les Mayfield

Encino Man is a pretty good movie. I laughed a bunch of times. It starts with the kid from Goonies — I don’t know his name — and Pauly Shore being nerds, but they don’t want to be nerds anymore. Then the Goonies kid (btw he’s a man in this movie, not a kid) finds a caveman in his backyard and unfreezes him. It turns out the caveman is Brendan Fraser, and he’s hot.

The caveman becomes super popular at Encino High School even though he barely speaks English and his hair looks like Arcata, and Goonies and Pauly Shore think he’s gonna make them popular too, except it never happens. All the actors dress like they do devil sticks, but no one ever actually does devil sticks in the movie. Oh well, though. Also, Goonies is really into this girl, but she’s going steady with a jerk, and the jerk always beats Goonies up. Anyway, by the end Goonies and Pauly Shore have become popular too and they do a choreographed dance with the caveman and some extras at the prom.

There was a lot of good yuks in the movie. Some nice gags, too. I asked my dad where Encino was and he said near L.A. I guess Daryl Strawberry is from there. Too bad they couldn’t get him for a cameo, because that would have been funny. Like, “Hey, it’s Daryl Strawberry” and then he could hit some food across the room with a bat. I dunno, just an idea.

3 stars out of 5


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