Hello this is Matthew Fleming the guy who created the 101 comic in early issues of Savage Henry. I moved back to Sacramento a few years ago…

I just wanted to say thanks for letting me be apart of your awesome magazine, and I have to admit that I wrote hate mail about my own comic Under an assumed name “Bill D. Berg” I thought it was funny and I thought it might draw some attention to my comic. I think you printed my fake opinion in #9 or #10 or right around there, my Savage Henry collection is in storage with my comic books so I’m not sure which issue…

Anyway I just wanted to come clean I don’t know if you’ll think it’s funny or if you might find it annoying. Either way thanks again I love Savage Henry!

And if for some strange reasons you want to print this text that’s cool with me and my alias.


Publisher’s Note – Thanks for coming clean Matthew. We here at SH don’t take fake letters and aliases lightly. You’ll be hearing from our lawyer.

Thank you,

Owen Bills


Savage Henry


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