Cooking with Narcotics

C.B. Kelly, contributor

People love making pot food. But what happens when pot is legalized everywhere, and all the people who did it for the thrill are left with nowhere else to turn for their illegal edibles? Here is a list of ideas for snacks and treats to be made with the illegal drugs of today.

Pecan Oxys

Like a pecan sandy, but with an Oxycodone placed on top.

Crank Cakes

Those aren’t sprinkles in the frosting, they’re meth crystals.

Crack Rock Candy

Crack cocaine on a stick.

Bath Salt Suckers

First it tastes like grape, then like a human face.

Cocoa Ketamine

Stir it into some milk, and you’ve got yourself a muddy k-hole.

Samoa Cookies

There’s no drugs in them, and they aren’t illegal. But I’m definitely addicted, and I can’t stop shooting them into my arm.

Cocaine Krispys

Fluffy, yet crisp.

Robitussin and Pancakes

No maple syrup? No worries.

LSD Taffy

Comes in a variety of colors, some of which are new to the color wheel.

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