Cool Ghouls – Animal Races

CeeCee Hill, contributor

Cool Ghouls is a band of young kids (everybody looks young at my age) from San Francisco. Their third full-length release is called Animal Races and will be available August 19 with awesome artwork by Shannon Shaw (Shannon and The Clams).

Animal Races is packed with psychedelia, surf and garage music. Cool Ghouls make timeless rock’n’roll keeping the spirit of San Francisco music alive. Their music transports you to another time. The melodies make you want to dance barefoot on the grass wearing flowers in your hair.

The Universe is in balance, Animal Races is in balance, Cool Ghouls voices are in balance. Although it is hard to choose between the eleven songs of the album, my favorite would be “Time Capsule.” The track has a great instrumental introduction and exemplifies the great, retro-cool found throughout the album.

Love, peace and party!

Rating: 11 out of 12 PBR cans

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