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Hearken to the emptiness of the moon. Seven vested creatures shuffle over earth caked with blood. I cant hear you, said the guide as they ran him through with a pike. Entrails spilled and screams of no and no and please and help and no again as they left him for the scavengers and their red breath. I could do nothing for him and I turned away and went inside. My order was delivered to my table quickly. The Western Bacon Cheeseburger was pretty good but the Diet Dr. Pepper was flat.

3/5 stars


They looked at each other. Looked and said nothing but their eyes spoke. I knew they had made me as a mark so I cleared my throat and stood. I paced the room. One of them said something vomitous that could not be heard among the din of the cattle out back.

I only want to make a trade, I said. We don’t trade with your type, said one of them. Without warning the other one raised a long slender blade and sank it into the first ones head. His mouth opened but no sound came out and his eyes turned almost instantly a vacuous onyx. I kicked over the chair in my path and I ran and I didn’t stop for anything not until I was deep in the woods under a blanket of silken moss. It would be the last time I would attempt to buy a Taurus from this dealership.

1/5 stars


With a guttural hum the fan kicked on and it sent minuscule specks of dust and filth down into the labyrinthine racks. Our existence is meant for one thing, she said. We are some monsters playthings and our paths are set for desolate pain and mudded death and disconsolate empty. Dont bring a child into this feces patterned prison, she pleaded. A crow on the top shelf croaked and lost its bowels into her flaxen braid but she did not blink.

What I want to know, I said, is if you have the new Third Eye Blind Greatest Hits on CD. She turned and found the package beneath the back counter. I will shop here again.

4/5 stars

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