From the Crayons of Babes – An Art Review

Kids say the darndest things, and they draw the even more darndest things. Entering the exciting world of children’s art is a journey like no other. Come along for the ride as we provide breakdowns of the artistic works of five young creative visionaries.

“Home Is Where the Heart Is”
Marker on Paper
Timmy Friedman
Age 4
What Friedman lacks in perspective he more than makes up for in sheer emotion. Blue was the perfect choice for this moody piece, one that tells the harrowing tale of the time that he and his single father, Randy, were forced to evacuate the house due to a dangerous carbon monoxide leak. Intentionally left out of the picture is Buster, the Friedmans’ beloved Corgi, whose lungs were no match for the odorless villain.


“Everything in Its Right Place”
Crayon on Paper
Bethany Turner
Age 5
Part of her free-form crayon period, Turner’s “Everything in Its Right Place” was inspired by Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky.The film was Turner’s first exposure to both themes of surrealism and to Radiohead, so she drew a piano with a lion’s face attached to it, which, for a 5-year-old, is pretty damn surreal.


“Self Portrait”
Crayon on Canvas

Roy L. “Rocky” Dennis
Age 9
Dennis (1961-1978) had a way of making the unusual accessible. Even at a young age he showed a remarkable grasp of color and movement. The slash strokes of yellow signal a youthful lust for life tempered with the frustrating realization that he’ll spend the rest of his days in futile pursuit of the perfect hat. Never before has craniodiaphyseal dysplasia looked so adorable.


“So Many Dicks”
Marker on Repurposed Wrapping Paper
LaDonta Jackson
Age 3
Though she rejects the label, Jackson is a dyed-in-the-wool feminist. The youngest and only girl in a family of eight children, she quickly learned that it is truly a man’s world. However, Jackson believes that she can be a voice for change. “So Many Dicks” is a manifesto. A trumpet-call to her sisterhood. On the left, a phallic character with cartoonish eyes and mouth, a biting satire on the male obsession with anthropomorphizing the penis. On the right, intricate green squiggles, a section of which resembles a proud cock, symbolizing the male quest for money and power at all costs. This piece fetched $7.33 at auction, a record for Jackson.

A horse with foal. Children drawing.

“Submission in Heaven’s Pasture”
Mixed Media on Dry Erase Board
Colby DeGrecio
Age 6
“I like horses more than fishes,” said DeGrecio, when asked to describe his work. To be honest, this picture is pretty much garbage. DeGrecio should stick to his day job, which is currently a combination of wetting his pants and asking for snacks.

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