CV Interview

CV combines the raw power of The Stooges with some noisier, ambitiously psychedelic tendencies. Consisting of Jason (drums), Robert (bass/keys/vocals), and Tavan (guitar/vocals), the band creates raw, dirty, yet engaging sounds, the way rock n’ roll should be played. They draw on a number of influences from a different era, but manage an originality not found among many of their peers. I recently had the opportunity to harass Robert about a number of topics, some of them even relating to music.

Ben: You guys didn’t think the name Chewbacca’s Vagina would go over well, so you shortened it to CV?
Robert: Ha, that’s a good one. I like hearing what people imagine CV stands for. Boring people tend to think of boring names. Nobody gets it at first but it means whatever you want it to mean. It’s Cerebral Vibrator or Chrome Vanguard to me.

Ben: How much does your band like hard drugs? Have you ever partied really hard and shoved methadone suppositories up each other’s asses?
Robert: Someone is always trying to stuff things into their holes. I’ve got a year supply of 35’s and other XL’s that get me high. Tavan and I have talked for years about getting some meth and writing some stuff like Motorhead, but it’s never happened.

Ben: Your group has some lyrical content regarding cats, do you feel an affinity towards the “feline-garage-rock” genre and the bands associated with that scene?
Robert: Yeah, totally. My cat digs when we do shows with Nashville pussy.

Ben: Is Natalie still in the band? If not, can you please exaggerate the nature of her exit in “Behind the Music” fashion? I need to hear about drug abuse, scandalous affairs between band mates and shocking rock n’ roll debauchery.
Robert: I’m glad you asked! This is a community effort. We’re looking for another sexy chick to play with, but no luck so far. Natalie… she was our revered leader and then she just ditched us mid-flight like so much space trash. I don’t think she agreed with our concept of her naked flesh and neon nipples on stage. I thought it was working! We just need a dancer who likes to show some skin. Come on, girls!

Ben: Is your music fully structured or do you leave space for live improvisation?
Robert: Uh, I write the most basic stuff… verse / chorus / verse / chorus / jam / chorus sort of things. The jams are intentionally placed but more like solos than true improvisation. We do proper jams on a couple of tunes. It depends on the energy, I suppose. They’re pretty good sometimes. We’ll be releasing stuff pretty soon, but there are a couple of tracks on Bandcamp in the meantime.

Ben: What are your ambitions for the group? Do you hope the band will grow like an erection concealed behind pink spandex?
Robert: Erections or ejection… it matters not to the lounge lad. We do this for fun. I am budgeting for a small run of flex discs. We want to put out a comic book and maybe an action figure. The comic would tell the stories of the songs and characters therein. After we make this stuff I don’t know what we’ll do with it because I have no plans for marketing or promotion. I do that for a living, but I suck at doing it for myself. CV is not meant to be another product on a shelf, just one more thing to try, and one more thing that you can buy. We don’t try to book gigs either. Luckily people ask us because we just want to perform and have some cool stuff to offer the people who dig it.

Ben: Well thanks; this has been stimulating and informative.
Robert: Later, man.


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