Dam-Funk Invite the Light

Samantha Gilweit, contributor

Have you lost the funk? Yeah, you have because we’ve all lost the funk. Look at us, in our business casual wear, drinking five dollar coffees, and saying terrible words like “infotainment.” We are FUNKLESS. But LA based electro/disco/funk artist Dâm-Funk is here to help.

Dâm-Funk has been described as “Roller Disco.” I personally hate this term because this album would be fucking PERFECT to roller skate to, and Roller Discos are few and far between. But one could also listen to this album while cooking, fucking, and driving around high, so all is not lost. Invite the Light  includes many collaborations with artists such as Ariel Pink, Flea, and Snoop Dogg and these tracks are arguably some of the best on the album.

Invite the Light begins with a monologue warning mankind that our suffering has been caused by “our insistence on removing all elements of the funk.” While classic Parliament-esque musical stylings could possibly help solve Middle Eastern relations in the future, in the here and now the album could definitely put some funk back in your face. Which I’m sure you desperately need.

Rating 10 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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