Dank Tricks To Pull At The Trim Scene

So you’re stuck trimming deep in the woods and you have nothing to entertain yourself with, except for that guy from Argentina who keeps accidentally trimming his dreads off, and this magazine. Sure, that Argentinian is hilarious, but he’s almost out of dreads. He only has two left, one above each ear so he kinda looks like a rasta rabbi. Once the dreads are gone you’ll have nothing but this magazine, which doesn’t take too long to thumb thru, especially when you’re constantly ripping out pages to roll joints with.


Keep yourself entertained after Santiago is bald and you’ve smoked this magazine by giving these fun pranks a try.


Steal $150,000

Nothing will have the guy or gal who owns the property really freaking out like stealing about $150,000 from them. Their face will get all red and they’ll run around screaming and kicking up dirt. You will laugh yourself silly just knowing that money is nothing but a societal construct and you can then use the cash for crafting.





Shit on the weed

Wait until everyone is asleep, then sneak up and take a huge shit all over your next day’s work. People will wake-up in the morning, grab their scissors, and then be like, “Whaaaaaat?” No one will know what to do. Do you wipe it off and keep trimming, or do you throw it all away? Maybe you just throw the weed that’s touching the poop away, and try to salvage the rest? Either way, it will leave everyone scratching their heads while you’re busting a serious gut.


Report Your Grow Op to the DEA

Hey, just cuz people work in the DEA doesn’t mean they don’t like to have fun too. DEA agents love to get in on the fun and will gladly raid your farm just to take part in some of the zany antics. Watching everyone cry as they get arrested with guns to their heads is always good for a laugh, and who knows, maybe someone will pee on themselves. “Oh, does baby need a diaper?” you can say as you slash their tires too for some reason.



Burn Everyone’s Clothes

This isn’t just a hilarious prank, but it helps you really bond with your fellow trimmers on the farm. When everyone is naked they really let their guard down and take some time to truly get to know each other. Now you can be butt to butt and nug to nug as you trim and have some real heart to hearts with your fellow trimmers because everyone feels a bit more vulnerable. But don’t worry, you’ll get your laughs in too, like when people run out of their rooms and they’re all like, “Where are my clothes?” “Oh my God, your clothes are gone too?” “What’s that fire over there?” and then you can stand up and proclaim, “YOU GUYS GOT DANK PRANKED! I BURNED ALL YOUR CLOTHES!” Everyone will say, “You got us!” and erupt in laughter. They’ll be laughing so hard they won’t even notice the sound of the DEA coming.

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Cornell is a super funny dude who consistently cracks everyone he comes into contact with up. He kinda has the midas touch but for laughs not gold, which is way way less valuable. Cornell grew up in Arcata and everyone said he was "hella tight." Now he lives in LA where he is a very popular stand-up comedian. All of his audiences refer to him as "hella tight." The president recently held a press conference where he said "the country may be going to shit but at least Cornell is hella tight."

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