Deleted Scenes from Disney’s Fantasia

We all love Disney’s 1940 cinematic masterpiece Fantasia. A perfect blend of classical music with Disney’s signature animation, featuring some of Disney’s most beloved characters. But not all the scenes that were drawn and choreographed made it into the final cut of the film.


Donald Duck was featured in a piece set to Saint-Saëns’ Danse Macabre that critics all believe is a Satanic fertility ritual. The piece included scenes of Donald participating in sacrifices of ducklings and ended with him being burned at the stake.




A weird, oddly sexual one about morning wood featuring Donald Duck and set to the classic Mozart’s 21st Piano Concerto, 2nd Movement.




Donald Duck was super Alt-Right, and was able to convince the director to produce a piece about an up-and-coming German politician who was recently named
Time‘s Man of the Year…The piece was set to “Ride of the Valkyries. But by the end of post production the Euro Political landscape was changing, so they scratched the piece.





It’s a little-known fact that Donald Duck was a huge fan of superstar rocker Elton John. He was able to convince the producers to do a piece where he dressed up like Elton John and then performed “Bennie and the Jets,” but the piece was scratched because Rock and Roll hadn’t been invented yet and the aggressive music sent the producers into a panicked fury.



After having all of his segments cut one after another, Donald Duck became distraught and severely depressed. He decided to kill himself. He did it to the song “Send In the Clowns,” and the producers loved it so much they filmed it and were planning to make it the 3rd segment of the movie. But then they remembered it was just Donald Duck, so they cut and replaced it with that dancing hippo bullshit.


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