Diarrhea Planet / Those Darlins – Live at Pickathon

Adam Jacobs, contributor

Whoa, two rock bands from Nashville recorded a live album in Portland, Oregon and will be released on a limited press vinyl? Big fucking deal. Too much hype for two 5-song sets. Diarrhea Planet . . . WTF dudes, you had not one single toilet sound or fart noise, what kind of brand is that? With vocals reminiscent of early Fugazi and guitar riffs stepping on Joe Strummer’s grave, Diarrhea Planet doesn’t know who they want to be except Southern Punk.

The other half of this live album is Those Darlins, a female fronted trio whose sound is fun and who cares, I’m still wrapping my head around Diarrhea Planet’s misleading name.  

I propose new names for these two bands. Diarrhea Planet should be “Wet Farts,” and Those Darlins should be “Two Girls, a Guy, and a Band.”  

Rating: 6 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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