Dinosaur Jr. – Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

Adam Jacobs, contributor

Lots of feedback and heavy distortion, the new Dinosaur Jr. album Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not, is more Dinosaur Jr. than singer J Mascis’ tiny little Dino Junior in his tighty whiteys.

Listening to this takes me back to taking bong hits out of my Tobacco Master in my friend’s garage while listening to “Feel The Pain” for the millionth time. Much like their early 80s contemporaries The Meat Puppets, Dinosaur Jr. isn’t an easy band to define, with heavy distorted guitars, moody lyrics and classic rock riffs. The only classification I can come up with is “influencers,” of your and my favorite rock bands of the 90s.

“Tiny’ and “Be a Part” are instant classics and “Good to Know” sounds like 1992 and I love it.  

9 out of 12 cans of PBR!

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