Doris and the Daggers – Spiral Stairs

Jimmie Menezes, contributor

As a longtime fan of Pavement, I was stoked to have an early listen to prominent songwriter, Scott Kannberg’s, latest batch of recordings. I related to Pavement because they came from my area and were bored, just like me.

We all have those friends that mature; ya know: move away for college, get married, have kids, move back home and get boring.

Well, that buddy of yours just made an album.

I hate to be the longtime fan that’s  all “what the fuck is this shit?”, but seriously, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? Trumpets? Accordions? Guest contributions from today’s hot indie stars to get the kids to buy the album? Pavement was great, but they weren’t the Beatles and you ain’t Paul McCartney, bud.
I’m sure if you are into mediocre dude rock, you’d dig this album, a lot. If I were unaware this album was made by the guy from Pavement, I’d probably be less critical, but still wouldn’t like it.


Rating: 6 out of 12 cans of PBR

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