The Do’s and Don’ts of Smoking Weed

Zeke Herrera, staff


Do listen to your budtender to make sure you’re paired with a weed that works best for you.

Don’t pass to the right. There’s a system, deal with it.


Do share your weed with friends.

Don’t poison your weed and kill all your friends.


Do blow smoke in your pets faces so they can get high too.

Don’t smoke weed with sharks, sharks live underwater which would make it very difficult for them and you.


Do use a bong to smoke weed.

Don’t stick you hand in an active blender.


Do eat Funyuns while smoking weed.

Don’t break into people’s houses and shit in their cat’s litter box so they think there’s something wrong with their cat.


Do smoke weed in nature.

Don’t smoke weed in a volcano. Volcanoes will burn up all your weed real quick.


Do get involved in local and national Government.

Don’t sit idly by and let them oppress you.


Do fight a cop.

Don’t lose to a cop.


Do start the mother fuckin’ revolution.

Don’t let Meryl Streep live. Meryl Streep is a national treasure but that’s why she has to die first, so they know we mean business.


Do use guerrilla tactics to take over and occupy major cities.

Don’t take any enemy prisoners.


Do start a new world order.

Don’t let anybody tell you which way you can pass weed ever again.

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