Drinks! And the water they’re made from

All beverages have one thing in common with each other: they’re made mostly out of water. Water is a big part of our bodies, and it’s an even bigger part of our drinks. Like beer brand Olympia’s slogan says, “It’s the water!” Water. Water. WATER. Water water water water.

But where do all the drinkmakers get their water? Surely they can’t all come from secret springs like everyone claims, right? Well, wonder no more. I did the research, and the answers may surprise you!

• Olympia’s water comes from the toilet.

• Sobe’s water comes from the toilet.

• Hershey’s brand Dog Milk is partially-sourced from toilet water, being that dogs drink much of their water out of toilets.

• Popov brand vodka uses water that runs in the gutter from one end of their factory’s street and down around the corner. Original source unknown.

• Welch’s grape juice uses a base of 60% water from the toilet, 30% water from the sewers directly below the toilet, and 10% human urine.

• Dasani water is actually made entirely of water, though most of that is poured from fishbowls and strained through butterfly nets directly into bottles.

• Budweiser’s water comes from the toilet.

• Pabst Blue Ribbon’s water comes from the L.A. river.

• Full Throttle brand energy drink is sourced from two types of water: 1) that derived from the toilet, and 2) that derived from another toilet.

• King Cobra’s water comes from a cold spring that bubbles forth atop a gentle hill on the green slopes of Iceland’s Southern coast.

• Pepsi’s water comes from the toilet.

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