Durant and Rave #3

Rant: I’ve been drinking PBR for a long time, including all of the last 4 hipster waves of drinking PBR. One thing I’ve always counted on was that iconic label: the blue ribbon and the red stripe and the sexy cursive; it makes my mouth water just writing this. But then, for my birthday this year, a friend of mine bought me a flat of carpenter cans (16 ouncers) and on one side was the label, as it has been for decades, familiar and soothing. On the other side was a bastardization of something resembling the label but with little birds and a diamond-eyed cat and hands throwing up the devil horns. It’s the company’s first “PBart can.” (Clever. See what they did there?) It’s the art of the very talented Denver artist Josh Holland. This rant is on no way aimed at Mr. Holland or his wonderful art; it’s directed solely at Pabst. Why do they feel the need to kowtow to the hipster stigma already attached to simply ordering a can in a bar or waiting in line with a 24-pack at a store? Why can’t Ranier do this or even maybe Mickey’s or something? Why now Pabst? The label has been basically the same, unmolested, since around the ‘30s or ‘40s, until now. Please have this be only a limited edition thing and only relegated to the carpenter can. Or the land of sky blue waters is sounding very appealing to me. There’s no way the Hamm’s bear would let anyone touch his cans.

Seriously, Josh Holland is pretty good, why not check his art out here: josholland.com and not on the can.

Rave: So is Winter coming or what? And when will Khaleesi finally get to King’s Landing? And can we please have more scenes of Tyrion imp-slapping Joffrey? If you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, I feel sorry for you. If you do, Red Wedding??!?!! Am I right? Game of Thrones season 4 is upon us and quickly filling the Sunday night void since The Walking Dead season came to an end. I know what they say about too much TV and not enough reading, but these shows, both based on written works, have inspired me to read more than all of my elementary school teachers combined. There are other shows that have also made me recently want to read:

  • COPS – The Lost Coast Outpost arrest list

  • Fox Sports Wisconsin Milwaukee Brewers games – The game’s box score

  • Breaking Bad – The Anarchist’s Cookbook

  • Dutch Does… – Savage Henry Magazine

  • Sons of Anarchy – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Just to name a few. But there’s so much great TV on now, who am I kidding? I’ll never get around to reading anything other than the TV schedule.




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