Durant and Rave #3

Rave: So last week we started our crowd sourcing campaign, the Free Savage Henry Campaign. We didn’t do it on Kickstarter, Indieagogo or RocketHub, we did it at Fund Humboldt. Fund Humboldt is a locally based crowd sourcing site in its fledgling stages. We’re the third campaign on the site and one of the others has already been funded. All we’re asking from our readers is $1 per reader (or more for great rewards). We’re not asking for this money because we’re greedy-ass jokers trying to take everything from our fans. Just consider this, the magazine is free to you the reader, our podcast is free to download and our videos are free to view on our youtube page. So all we’re doing is asking anyone who has ever read the magazine, listened to the podcast or watched one of our videos to pledge at least $1. And we’ll be able to keep everything free to you, the reader/listener/viewer. Please go to this link for more info and if you’d like to donate.


Rant: For my rant this week, I gotta say it’s Fund Humboldt and the Free Savage Henry Campaign. I can’t go 3 minutes without refreshing my computer or phone to see if someone new has donated. I stir in bed at night? Might as well refresh. Come to a stop light, might as well refresh. Waiting 30 seconds in the kids school parking lot? Might as well refresh. We’ve gotten off to a modest start, and at the time of this post we have more than 2 months left to reach our goal. But rest assured, I will be refreshing, checking and posting updates so much I’ll make an NPR pledge drive look like ginger beer.

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Chris Durant has worked at not working for decades. He's the publisher of Savage Henry Magazine.

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