The Elements of Tables

When I learned this issue was about Science, I was excited. I’ve always wanted to do a story on one of the most intriguing aspects of science, the Elements of Tables.

Tables are usually a flat surface, propped up off the ground by anywhere from two to six support beams, commonly referred to as “legs.”

Tables can be a variety of heights off the ground, but usually anywhere from 3 to 4 feet. But can you believe in places like Japan and the Middle East, tables are only a foot or less off the ground!?!?!?! That’s crazy.

Tables can be used for any number of of things, like dining, coffee-ing, drafting, ending and displaying.

Take a look around your house, I bet there are tables being used right now and you may not have even known!

Table tops can be a variety of shapes, like square, circle and even rectangle! Without tables and their elements, who knows where’d we be?

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