Eternal Tapestry – Wild Strawberries

Adam Jacobs, contributor

“A lucid dream where a drone ingests strong hallucinogens and slowly takes Wall-E to Pleasure Town by eating out his robot butthole.” This  is how I would describe Eternal Tapestry’s new album, Wild Strawberries. Their name alone couldn’t be more obvious for a jam band unless they were called Patchouli Partners or the Hacky Sack Gang. Let’s be honest, when you hear the name Eternal Tapestry, hack comes to mind. It’s like a comedian who calls himself “Dave Jokes.”

These granola groovers could be the perfect soundtrack for a road trip in the  yellow submarine, but I cannot recommend this album to anyone sober. It will ruin your day.

This album is guaranteed to go Triple Patchouli or at the least Double DMT. Another bong breaker from Eternal Tapestry.

Rating: 5 out of 12 Cans of PBR!

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