Exactly What Did that Woman Use to Blind Thomas Dolby With Science?

In 1982, known blind New Wave musician Thomas Dolby released a gut wrenching account of the assault that lead to his blindness. “She Blinded Me With Science” rocketed to the top of the charts as Dolby was celebrated as a hero for being able to use his art to deal with a such a traumatic experience. He said he was blinded by “Science.” Well what exactly is this “Science” he was blinded by? Below are some possibilities.

Hydrochloric Acid
Shards of glass from broken beakers
Burned with the flame of a Bunsen Burner
Chronic masturbation
Stabbed in the eyeball with some sort of lab scissors
The woman didn’t have a tan and so blinded Thomas when she took her clothes off
Paper cuts from lab notes
Toxic gasses escaping from a test tube
A degenerative eye condition actually having nothing to do with the woman 

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