Famous Punk Rockers Review the Billboard Pop Charts

Joe Ramone reviews FourFiveSeconds by Kanye and Rihanna and Paul McCartney


Sounds like that time Dee Dee shit himself onstage in Tokyo and we called him GiGi for the rest of the tour.

Greg Graffin reviews Earned It by The Weeknd

124222_weenie _SAW_

If you listen close you can hear the geo social political implications in verse two, which adds to the belief that the middle class, suburban-based society that came to be in the wake of World War II has finally zenithed and the crumbling of consumerism is upon us.

H.R. reviews Night of Our Lives by Pitbul and Ne-Yo


Jah Jah Jah I say.

Johnny Rotten reviews One Last Time by Ariana Grande



Dexter Holland reviews Somebody by Natalie La Rose featuring Jeremih

dexter holland braids-fKhk

Whoooaaaaa whoaa wo wo wo ….Kepp ‘em separated!

Jello Biafra reviews Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars


Well I quite enjoyed this raucous trist in the realm of R and B. I heard it’s number 1 in Cambodia! Those Cambodian’s love their funk, especially when it’s in uptown Cambodia. What a pleasure … Cambodia.

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