A “Fan Letter” to Ray McMillin

Ray McMillan needs to have his ‘hood pass’ revoked. In the article “How to Get Things For Free” he makes some unfunny racist jokes about dating black people and later talks about ‘Cash Money’ records and Master P, which have nothing to do with each other. This fool must be whiter than me (and I’m Irish and German and need lots of sunscreen). If your (sic) going to make dumbass racist jokes, at least get your material straight… And try a little urban ethnic culture… You might learn something. Two thumbs down for Ray McMillin’s lame attempt at humor. 🙂

– Neil in SLO

Neil –

Thank you for your response addressing the “racist” article I wrote regarding how to get things for free. I admire people who speak up and respond to bullshit and thank you for reading Savage Henry (there are tons of articles by lots of comics who don’t share my lack of humor and I’m glad you’re attacking me and not the magazine). However, in my defense, let me make a few worthwhile notes.

First of all, the tokenization of non-white peers by those who inhabit the dominant class is often seen as a trivial way to surpass the necessary obligations that face white America in regards to respecting other cultures without defining them or otherwise appropriating the unique aspects of those cultures unable to be completely understood by someone who lacks experience. It seems you have a finger on this pulse, so I’ll just assume you can now see that said article was attacking white people and their/our ignorant assumption that simply saying “hi” to a black guy counts as activism (or earns you a hood pass). Sure, you may have skimmed the article without considering the subtext that thousands of dreadlocked white people read our magazine (as well as many computer-literate, email-having black people), but it’s worth noting that the “punchline” in my article was simply “white people are stupid.”

Second of all, yes, Cash Money and Master P have nothing to do with each other. Why? Because when No Limit (P’s empire) flopped, Cash Money became the most predominant hip-hop label in the South, leading one to believe that P would attempt to lowball the value of his rival’s stock ticker by giving away their merchandise for free and since P is a good guy and looks out for his labelmates, he’s probably gonna try to sell you on that Mystikal side project once you befriend him. I know I’m only 35 years old and grew up working actively as a DJ in a mostly black industry, but you appear to have a background in crunk, which I will not question. Basically I said, “To get free Seahawks jerseys, make friends with the Broncos,” and you got half the joke, more than most people would get.

Lastly – and please take this as a humorous jab and not a personal attack – I find the idea of a white person sticking up for all black people everywhere a little *racist*, like the kind that says, “Some of my best friends are black,” when you never appear to be seen with your black friends. I admire your zeal and dedication to standing up for voiceless minorities everywhere and I bet Macklemore would be proud of your stance. However, you might want to consider one thing the next time you take something out of context and decide to be a good social justice warrior; black people can read. They can also use computers. Crazy, huh?

– Ray “some of my best friends are white SJWs” McMillin

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