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Your magazine sucks. Grow up and get real jobs you losers. – Alec Howard


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  1. Just discovered your kick ass magazine and I’d like to submit art for your possible trading of money for it. I’m currently consistently featured in two near-by (Bekreley, CA’s where I live) publications (The Potrero View The Berkeley Times). Can I send you examples and can we discuss a possible on-going comic strip, or what your mag needs. Arteest: Damon Guthrie of SameTeam.Us cell: 5108150691

  2. hey folks,
    are you guys aware of Butt Drugs? if by some strange circumstance you are not………in Corydon, Indiana, i suspect somewhere on Main St. USA, there is a pharmacy named Butt Drugs! Believe it or not! Type it into google…………… make certain to watch the full commercial, (done for their local viewing area, i think)
    ps.heard about “the fat-leonard scandal” yet? perhaps 60 admirals, both active and retired involved……
    no laughing matter

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