This Fan Theory About a TV Show Will Blow Your Stupid Pothead Mind

Mike Spiegelman, contributor


Something posted on the Internet has gone viral, and its story is generating headlines online. A new fan theory about a classic cult television program has everyone talking and is worthy to a lead-in paragraph to what passes as news nowadays on the Internet.


Seven years after Lost went off the air, the ABC mystery drama still keeps its fans guessing. Yet one fan might have unraveled everything known about the supernatural deserted island show.


SPOILER ALERT: This fan theory contains spoilers to Seasons 3 and 5 of Lost.


In a one-sentence post, LostFan4815162342-277 writes:

What if the events on the island weren’t real, but part of a TV show called Lost that aired on ABC?


That fan theory broke the Internet, as Lost fans and celebrities give social media their hot takes:


Well, if LostFan4815162342-277 is implying in his fan theory that the TV show Lost is a TV show, then, yes, of course. LostFan4815162342-277 sounds like an idiot.  – LostFan4815162342-710.


That’s stupid. – Lena Dunham


I agree with Ms. Dunham. – James Woods


[GIF] – LostFan4815162342-053


Whoa, my mind is blown. – A pothead


For LostFan4815162342-277, a lesson was learned. “I should had not posted it, even if it was one sentence, but it just got blown out of proportion. I get online death threats now. I blame the endless useless articles online that encourage harassing me,” said the Raleigh, North Carolina resident.

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