The Flintstoners

We got a look at the treatment of the new cartoon that rips off the Flinstones by making it “420 friendly.” The changes are mainly in names of characters and other aspects of Bedrock like this:

Fred’s last name is subtly changes from Flintsone to Flinstoners
Barney’s last name goes from Rubble to Bubbler
Bam Bam is now called Bammer Bammer
Dino is now OG Master Kush
Mr. Slate changes to Mr. Trainwreck
The Great Gazoo is now The Great Daboo
The Way Outs band are now The Fucking Annihilateds
Stoney Curtis is switched to High As Fuck Curtis
Rock Hudstone is now Rock Blue Dream
Ann Margrock changes to Ann Marijuana
Parry Masonry has been altered to Parry They’re Listening…They Know


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