Frazey Ford – Indian Ocean

Rosa Green, contributor

Something about Frazey Ford’s voice is so sweet and sad. She has a beautiful, tipsy, throaty warble that catches the ear and pulls it in.
Her new album, Indian Ocean, feels like warmth on a cold winter’s day. She chose the Hi Rhythm Section (staples of the Memphis soul scene) as her backup, and recorded the album with them in Tennessee. Her folk style paired with the soul band makes for a very amiable contrast. I only wish she would give us a little more emotion with lyrics like, “Who told you you could rewrite the rules, and do you really take me for a goddamn fool ’cause I’m done.
Oh whoa, I’m done.” At the same time her almost glassy performance is roughed up in the most pleasing way by the Hi Rhythm Section.
This is a subtle album that I keep coming back to; it just seems to open the more you listen.

Rating: 8 out of 12 cans of PBR!


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