Free Senior Quotes to Use in Your Yearbook

Hey it’s me, well-known and beloved celebrity, Cornell Reid. This article is for those of you who are graduating. Now I know most of Savage Henry’s loyal readers probably aren’t familiar with the concept of graduation, or attending class, or even reading. Actually, most people who pick up the magazine just use it to wipe up the Monster they spilled on their dreads or to look at all the ladies in the hydro shop ads so they can whack it behind a tree. But even if you are actually reading this magazine, let’s face it, you’re probably not graduating. From the data we have collected, we’ve found that our readers are either A) about to be arrested or B) about to enter an eating contest.

However, if you’re some dork who actually IS graduating, which is hard to believe, then you’re probably looking for a sweet senior quote. So being the super popular celebrity that I am, I figured I’d offer you guys a few to choose from. Here you go:

“Live, laugh and love, you stupid motherfucking assholes!” – Cornell Reid

“Hey <insert math teachers name> thanks for all the sweet sweet meth!” – Cornell Reid

“I have 3 testicles.” – Cornell Reid

“I’ll fight any of you dumb teenagers.” – Cornell Reid

“Party at my house this Saturday at <insert principal’s address here>! Bring tons of beer, weed, and guns! Seriously, see you Saturday!” – Cornell Reid

“Wow, Paul Blart 2 sucked.” – Cornell Reid

“Can’t wait for the new Entourage movie!” – Cornell Reid

“Now I know why my parents still make me wear diapers!” – Cornell Reid

“I’m pregnant.” – Cornell Reid

“I could have never graduated if it weren’t for my penis pump.” – Cornell Reid

“I cheated on every test I ever had” – Cornell Reid

“They give deplomas 2 anybodie heer!” – Cornell Reid

“Where the weed at?” – Cornell Reid

“Wow, Paul Blart 2 was awesome!” – Cornell Reid

“Can’t wait to use everything I learned in school to trim for the rest of my life!” – Cornell Reid

“Wow I hope this makes some dumb Buzzfeed list!” – Cornell Reid

“I love Cornell Reid’s articles in Savage Henry Magazine!” – Cornell Reid

“I hope they don’t make me write my own senior quote because I can’t write or read!” – Cornell Reid

“Mountain Dew killed my cum” – Cornell Reid

“I’m gonna drive so drunk tonight!” – Cornell Reid

“Who wants to barf on my butt?” – Cornell Reid

“I have your daughter. Send $250,000 USD by tonight if you ever want to see her again.” – Cornell Reid

“Wow, all these other senior quotes are really dumb!” – Cornell Reid

“I totally kicked <insert dumb idiot nerd’s name>’s ass today!” – Cornell Reid

“I hate Cornell Reid’s articles and I hate Savage Henry Magazine!” – Cornell Reid

“Wait who’s Cornell Reid?” – Cornell Reid

There you go! I hope this helps your graduating fantasy. Now back to reality; time to get trimming.

About Cornell Reid

Cornell is a super funny dude who consistently cracks everyone he comes into contact with up. He kinda has the midas touch but for laughs not gold, which is way way less valuable. Cornell grew up in Arcata and everyone said he was "hella tight." Now he lives in LA where he is a very popular stand-up comedian. All of his audiences refer to him as "hella tight." The president recently held a press conference where he said "the country may be going to shit but at least Cornell is hella tight."

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