The Future of Canceled Television

The future may hold many surprises, flying cars, aliens, robots, sexy aliens who are also robots and of course sexy robots that are aliens. However with the exception of sexy robot aliens (government cover-up) all of those are years away from becoming reality. What is a reality is that horrible TV shows will come and horrible TV shows will go. So let’s take a look into the crystal ball of the not-so-distant future and pay homage to all the TV shows that will be canceled before their time.

So You Think You Can Hobo

Law and Order:  H.I.V

Erotic Tractor Talk with host Brett Favre

Chopped: An inside look at lawn mower accidents

William Howard Taft: Sandwich Hunter

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Truck Stop Glory Holes

Little People Hilarious World

Max Cuteness: Dog Attorney

History Channel’s Aliens, Hitler, and Shit

Stan Lee’s Shut-ins

Americas Got Diabetes

2 Broke Girls Doing Degrading Things For Money

Conspiracy Theory with Muppets

Kourtney and Kim Take Flagstaff Arizona

How I Met your Mother the Dirty Whore Who Took Half my Shit in the Divorce

Is It a Fire Truck? (22 minutes of pictures, some of which are indeed fire trucks)

The Real Subtly Racist Housewives of Atlanta

NASCAR (without the crashes)

A Financial Moment with Billy Baldwin

Four Old Men Complain About the Cost of a Sandwich

16 and Pregnant and the President of the United States

Too Hot for TV Unrated Erotic Lawncare with host Brett Favre


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