Get High Off Your Own Supply

Keith D., contributor

Every drug dealer has heard the age-old adage, “Don’t get high off your own supply.” Well, I’m here to tell you that’s foolish. You HAVE to get high on your own supply because it’s cheaper that way. If I have a pound of freshly grown weed, why would I turn around and pay one of my competitors $30 for an eighth? Economies of scale, dawg.

Do I sometimes smoke away my profit and actually end up losing money? Yes. Does smoking such a large quantity of weed that I had intended to sell increase my tolerance, thereby insuring the next time I re-up I will have to smoke as much or more to maintain my high? Sure. Do I owe my weed dealer thousands of dollars with no discernable way to pay him back? Of course. Have I ever made money selling drugs before? Never.

In conclusion, ALWAYS get high on your own supply. Also, go ahead and sell drugs out of your home, telegraph your next move, trust people, make sure everyone knows how much dough you hold, keep your entire stash on you at all times for easy access, let your family in on your drug dealing, and just because you don’t have the clientele today, don’t let that stop you from getting large amounts of drugs fronted to you.


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