Give Me Weed Letter

Dear Beloved, Illustrious and Wise Editor,

How much I laugh while reading this S.H.I.T. is completely determined by how stoned I am. Send me some dank green to smoke and I promise to tell everyone how funny this S.H.I.T. is. Here’s my address (ADDRESS REDACTED)

Thank you, OH Great Editor of S.H.I.T.

Best Regards,


PS please send sativa if you have it, or I’ll come by the office.

Dear DogStar,

How much funny stuff we write while putting together S.H.I.T. is completely determined by how stoned we are. Send us some kind buds to smoke and we promise to write the funniest stuff. Our address is all over this magazine.

Thanks, cool dude.

Best Regards,

S.H.I.T. staff

PS please send indica if you have it, or we’ll swing by your pad, bro!

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